Archirivolto Design was founded in 1983 in Colle di Val d’Elsa, within the province of Siena, thanks to the collaboration between Marco Pocci and Claudio Dondoli, friends and, in past, university friends. Initially it was a small business that dealt with architecture, interior design and furniture sales, thanks to the close relationship with the most dynamic industries of the local area. Only a few years later, Archirivolto started its activity for the industrial design sector, an interest carried on thanks to an authentic passion for the world of furniture.

Guided by a clear entrepreneurial vision, Marco Pocci and Claudio Dondoli defined the precise identity of their studio. They have become specialized in the design of seats – from chairs to sofas, from stools to office and outdoor seats – they began to know any type of technology and material, in particular plastic, acquiring experience on anything that could be produced or printed.

Archirivolto Design, for over thirty years, has the will to make beauty accessible. The studio chooses to follow the entire product development process, accompanying and supporting the customer step by step; starting from the market research to the development of creative ideas, to the realization of prototypes made by an internal model maker, up to the technical support for companies for the object industrialization. The mission of Archirivolto Design? To give life to projects in which creativity always pays attention to the saleability and marketability of the product on a large scale.


Life is a game of balance between its elements, as in the best design project. The ingredients for a good result: intuition, passion, determination, feeling things... That's how Skin by Calligaris is born.

Every occasion is good for traveling: it’s not the goal to make the difference, but the path you choose. If you want get to the end you need commitment, willingness and adaptability I choose Ermes chair by Lago: versatility and rigor are the keys of its success.

Backpack and go: explorer and chronic curious, I am an ex scout and a convinced ecologist. Which chair could represent me better if not the Viento by Bonaldo?

Passionate about fashion, events organizer and creative designer, my taste for aesthetics is perfectly represented by the elegance of the Indy armchair by Cattelan.

I love creating…making paintings (always with a Bic pen) or sculpting things with plasticine. Michelangelo argued that sculpture was more complex than painting because it’s the art of taking away. Volt by Pedrali is able to embody this essentiality.

Design means knowing how to understand people's needs; sensibility is the greatest ally of creativity. Liberty by Calligaris is a chair of our time and with its soft shapes, well represents the human dimension.

I don't like talking about myself. My pencil do it for me. In life as in design, I prefer essentiality and neatness as the lines of the Freak chair by Bontempi.

I like meat, chasing lizards in the garden and cuddlings by my designer friends. Where can you find me? On Galaxy chair by Bontempi: it is cozy, with a smooth and comfortable surface ... surely I will be there, sitting or sleeping.

Slip-on shoes are my must, I never stop running or cycling. A chair that reflects me? Crona by Brunner: her round bottom reminds me of a basketball, the sport that fascinates me since I was a child.

“Train, eat, create" is my mantra. Bodybuilder, fitness coach and chef, I let passion and creativity go through all the activities I do, from graphics to sports. Polo by Segis represents the curvy and sexy lightness of a strong and determined woman.

Always at work, sometimes cutting, other times planing or sanding ... Wood has no secrets for me. Would you ever say that this first model of Town chair by Green was entirely hand sculpted by me?

Designer, not just for work, but as life project. Knowing the rules is the first step to break them and gain new freedoms. My favorite animal is the zebra, with its wild behaviour and original aesthetic. What does it remind me of? Rythmic by Fermob.